HBO Airs “Making the Crooked Straight”

Be sure to catch “Making the Crooked Straight” while it’s On Demand. This wonderful HBO documentary offers an in depth look into work of Rick Hodes in Ethiopia, brought to you by filmmaker Susan Cohn Rockefeller. It can be found On Demand under HBO>Short Films. Read more about the documentary at and check out the trailer below:

The documentary has already won a number of awards, including “Best Documentary Short” at the Woods Hole Film Festival (2009) and the “Moving Mountains Prize” at the Mountainfilm Festival at Telluride (2009)

2 Responses

  1. I teach Health Policy at Ga Institute of Technology and would love to get a copy of the DVD of 30 Minute Documentay “Making the Crooked Straight ” to show to my students.

  2. Hello,
    Sorry for the extremely delayed response. Unfortunately, legitimate website comments often get lost in a sea of spam. In the future, please contact Dr. Hodes by email at Also, please “like” him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @rickhodes for regular updates.

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