Scott Lacritz, 12, Raises Money for Rick Hodes

Special thanks to Scott Lacritz of Dallas for going above and beyond to support the work of Rick Hodes. This outstanding 12-year-old hosted a garage sale to raise money and awareness for Dr. Hodes’ work with children in Ethiopia. The proceeds will benefit Rick’s current goal, raising money to correct the spines of 16 Ethiopian children. Who says kids can’t make a big difference? Just take a look below!

Great work, Scott! THANK YOU!!

2 Responses

  1. Hi Rick! 1st learned of you through the Jewish Voice (So NJ paper). Almost done reading ‘This is a Soul’….awesome stuff!! Sooo admire you and your work….YOU are a true role model to all ages! In case you havent heard of the Maribel Fdtn, I watched CNN/Larry King the other eve. to see founders JLo and her reporter/sister explain that their fdtn fundraises for (in partnership with Samsung) “tele-medicine program”. Immediately thought of you. It funds the distribution of technology that brings med. cases of all children to dr’s throughout the world who could help. Just thought you might be interested in learning of this fdtn if you hadnt already. My sincerest best wishes and continued success in your beautiful endeavors!!!

  2. Hello,
    Sorry for the extremely delayed response. Unfortunately, legitimate website comments often get lost in a sea of spam. In the future, please contact Dr. Hodes by email at Also, please “like” him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @rickhodes for regular updates.

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