Ghana Update: 15/16 Operations Complete

“just spoke with Ghana.
15 operations are done.
Kids are in fairly good shape.”

– Dr. Rick

Rick Hodes – Minds of Mountainfilm

Take a look at this 15-minute video interview with Dr. Rick about “Making the Crooked Straight, ” a documentary about his work in Ethiopia. The documentary aired on HBO and is also featured at the Mountainfilm in Telluride film festival. The video interview includes excerpts from the documentary.

MountainFilm in Telluride

Last year at the Mountainfilm film festival, Dr. Rick was awarded the Moving Mountains Prize, which goes to the subject of a film in the festival, for his work with “Making the Crooked Straight.” The $5,000 cash reward was all put towards spine surgery for a 13-year-old girl named Mieraf. This year, Rick will return to the festival along with Mieraf to serve as a judge. The festival will run from May 28-30.

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Hopkins Medical Magazine on Dr. Rick

Check out this great article from Hopkins Medical Magazine, a publication through Johns Hopkins.

GSU Magazine Publishes Article about Dr. Hodes

Check out this article from GSU magazine, a publication out of Georgia State University. The article tells a wonderful story of Dr. Hodes working with other doctors to save a man from dying by fighting to get him surgery.

“Dr. Hodes said he found Yana lying on a stretcher in the mission near death, showing signs of severe congestive heart failure. The doctor knew Yana needed heart surgery to survive and immediately began contacting his network of doctors and hospitals across the United States for help.”

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Marylin Berger Radio Interview for Alice@97.3

Marylin Berger was recently interviewed on the radio about her new book “This Is a Soul: The Mission of Rick Hodes.” The interview will be broadcast on KLLC, KITS, KMVQ and KFRC-AM on May 23rd.

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