Music by Prudence

While at the Mountainfilm Festival in Tellluride, I met a girl named Prudence, a severely handicapped young woman from Zimbabwe who is an amazing singer. A film about her, Music By Prudence, just won an Academy Award this year. Prudence is in a wheelchair with a disease called arthrogryposis. Her legs have been amputated above the knee, she has little use of her hands, she has a severe scoliosis, and she has an amazing singing voice.

What an inspiration she is! Take a look at her website ( where you can purchase the Oscar-winning DVD about her story.

I took clinical photos and emailed them to Dr. Boachie, the founder of the organization FOCOS. We spoke, and Dr. B has agreed to operate on Prudence in November in Ghana.

We are looking to raise funds for her and 2 attendants go to from Zimbabwe to Ghana and fund her surgery as well. Donate today.

– Rick

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