Facing Africa – Partner Org in Ethiopia

Facing Africa is a volunteer-led program that provides impoverished Ethiopians with free facial reconstructive surgery. The program mainly focuses on a flesh-eating disease called NOMA, though they work with other diseased as well. Dr. Hodes has worked with them extensively in the past, working with them to provide his patients with facial surgery. The program is run by Chris Lawrence, who started putting the project together in 1998.

Dr. Hodes and Mr. Lawrence are launching a new initiative to “scour the country for jaw patients for the next team, arriving in October.” Also, Facing Africa is trying to raise money for a major facial surgery unit at the Korean Christian Hospital in Ethiopia, which would support future patients of Dr. Hodes.

To learn more, visit www.facingafrica.org.

Also, take a look at the following BBC video, taken from a larger BBC documentary filmed about Facing Africa.

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