Messages from a Saved Boy, Nahom

Nahom is a 9 year old boy who came several hundred miles to Dr. Hodes for treatment. He had severe, progressive scoliosis with increasing pain and shortness of breath. His spine was shaped like a question mark, and he had lost nearly half of his lung capacity.

Fortunately, Dr. Hodes was able to raise enough money to send Nahom to Ghana for spine surgery and a second chance at life. The surgery was a great success, and now Nahom and his family are all smiles!

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Nahom’s unsolicited thank you letter is posted, along with an SMS
message Rick received on Ethiopian New Year’s Day.

SMS Message from Nahom, 11 Sept, 2010:

Hi lovely doctor!
As cloud cover z sun;
Truz cover z lie;
Angel cover z evil;
Flowers cover z garden,
may happiness cover U and UR family’s life in z New Year.
Happy New Year
Just God bless you/we are nahom family-adigrat

Appreciation Letter from Nahom’s family:

In our real world it is logic that there is no anything that makes satisfied more than saving human beings life. Our child Nahom gebremedhin was under a very great psychological stress and his future life was also under question mark. Considering this all you can give us a golden medical treatment opportunity. So, on behalf of Nahom’s family we would like to pass our great thank to all of you that participate during saving of our child’s life, specially to doctor Rick who is really a dedicated, generous, and polite that showed us his continuous endeaver from the beginning up to the end. Moreover, we would like also to appreciate ato birhnu, all staff members, the doctors that participate during the surgery time and to all society of Ghana

Yours faithfully,

Nahom’s family

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Photos and messages posted by permission.

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