Thanks to Petoskey High School Student Council!

Special thanks to the Petoskey High School Student Council who are looking to raise $5,000 to support Dr. Hodes’ work Ethiopia. The project is called “Dig Deep for Change,” and 100% of proceeds will go towards building wells in rural Ethiopia.

For their first fund raiser, the students are selling “Holiday Boxes.” People can buy the boxes as gifts for others, making the donation in the recipient’s name. The boxes are loaded with a water bottle, t-shirt, bumper sticker, magnet and letter about the project. The goal is to sell all 150 boxes, which would net a $2,000 profit!

“I decided to get my class involved after watching Making the Crooked Straight,says Anna Dowsett, head of community service for the group. “I plan on getting a degree in Public Health and later becoming an infectious disease pediatrician, so Dr. Hodes’ work has really left an impact on me.”

The students have other fund-raisers planned like Dig Deep for Change-themed basketball games (where competitors wear promotional t-shirts) and an African-themed “Snowcoming Dance.”

Petoskey High School Student Council supports Dr. Hodes!

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