Painter Donates Artwork to Raise Funds

Fikru Gebre/Mariam is a young Ethiopian painter in his 30’s who has a studio in Addis Ababa and another in Paris. He splits his time between the 2 venues. I happened to meet Fikru at a friend’s home recently, and spoke of my work here. He was so taken by it and disturbed by the images of my patients, that he decided to donate a painting for us to sell at The Dinner of Unconditional Love, a fund raising dinner hosted by Noel Cunningham in Denver on January 13, 2011.

Last week, Noel and I went out to Fikru’s home and studio, and I chose a painting. Fikru said I’d made the best choice.

Fikru’s website shows his art. He exhibits in the same studios in Paris that show Picasso and Modigliani. His paintings of this size start selling at about $24,000. We will start bidding at that level, and hope it goes a higher!

– Dr. Rick Hodes

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