15 More Patients to Ghana for Surgery

Another 15 kids are headed to Ghana for spine surgery, along with one mom and two nurses. That makes 30 total of our patients arriving in Ghana this month for surgery by Dr. Boachie’s FOCOS team. Stay tuned for updates.

Please consider supporting these courageous children! Dr. Boachie and his team perform the surgery free of charge, but we must pay airfare, lodging, rehab, etc. We will need to raise around $100,000 total. Every dollar counts!

Many thanks!

Dr. Hodes

15/30 New Patients to Ghana for Surgery

A new group of patients will be heading to Ghana for spine surgery in the near future. Half of them left yesterday morning and are now in Accra, Ghana being evaluated, and the other half will leave in the next few days.

They phoned me today, and all is well.

Photos used with permission.

– Dr. Hodes

Regis University Honorary Degree – New Photo

Last month we posted an article about an honorary degree I was awarded from Regis University. (Click here to read full article.) Here is a picture of me accepting the award:

Prudence Update

Prudence is a severely handicapped young woman from Zimbabwe in Southern Africa who has a condition called arthrogryposis. After meeting her in Telluride, I arranged for her to have spine surgery in Ghana. Recently, we moved her spine surgery to Denver.

Last week, she underwent successful spine surgery to straighten her spine. She is healing well.

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– Dr. Rick Hodes