4 Girls Safely Return, Met By Tearful Relatives

Tonight these 4 girls, accompanied by 1 mom who did an amazing job in rehabilitating her daughter and our nurse, arrived back in Addis Ababa safely. They were tearfully met by at least 20 relatives. I will examine them in the coming days.

They are ordered to spend tomorrow at home with their families eating injera, the national dish here.

Many thanks to all who made this possible,


(Photos used with permission)

Dr. Rick Hodes Receives 2011 Dr. Bernard Heller Prize

Last month, Rabbi David Ellenson, Ph.D., President of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC-JIR), awarded the 2011 Dr. Bernard Heller Prize to Dr. Rick Hodes.

Rabbi Ellenson said, “Dr. Rick Hodes is an American physician whose life and work embody the Talmudic teaching that ‘saving one life is like saving an entire world.’

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Prudence Returns to Telluride for Film Festival

Prudence returned to Telluride this year, 1 year after Rick met her there. Four months ago, she had spine surgery at Children’s Hospital of Denver, followed by hip surgery, to protect her posture and lungs. Prudence was born with a condition called arthrogryposis, and cannot walk or use her arms. Rick contacted his friend and colleague, Dr. Steve Berman, professor of pediatrics at University of Colorado, who arranged this free care. She has had a difficult and painful course of rehabilitation, but managed to get to MountainFilm in Telluride again, and sing in front of several thousand people. She was clearly thrilled to be back performing.

Prudence won an award with a $1000 prize for exemplifying “the spirit of the festival,” and funds were collected so that she could have a handicapped-accessible home when she returns to Zimbabwe.

Dr. Hodes Accepts Christopher Award

On May 19, Dr. Hodes accepted the Christopher Award for the documentary film “Making the Crooked Straight” (Susan Cohn Rockefeller, 2010) on behalf of Sheila Nevins, president of HBO Documentaries. This is the 62nd year that the organization has given awards to media that “affirm the highest values of the human spirit.” Pictures below.

The Christophers is a 65 year old Catholic organization which reaches out to all people with the message:

You have a God-given mission. You are an irreplaceable child of God — with a job for you alone. A healthy sense of self-worth can help you know and fulfill your mission in life. You can make a difference. One good deed may seem insignificant, but may be all that’s needed to overcome some evil. All who work with God change things for the better. Constructive action works miracles. Emphasize what can be done, rather than what cannot. Complaining wastes time and energy. Things improve when more people build up and fewer tear down. With God’s help, everything is possible.

Making the Crooked Straight is available for purchase on Amazon, and is on HBO “on demand” under Short Films.

Also take a look at www.christophers.org





Dr. Hodes Speaks at UC Davis School of Medicine Commencement

Dr. Hodes recently had the privilege of speaking at the commencement for UC Davis School of Medicine Class of 2011. (Skip to 1:22 in the video below to hear a snippet of his speech!) As the video highlights, Dr. Hodes stressed the importance of developing a reciprocal relationship with patients and the impact doctors can have on their patients’ lives:

“Listen to your patients. Give them time to express themselves. Not only what they’re trying to tell you, but what they tell you without trying. Use your third ear. Make them feel like their doctor really cares. Remind yourself everyday that this is a privilege. You have a chance to touch people’s souls, and in some way, heal the world.”