Dr. Hodes Meets Pat Robertson

Dr. Hodes recently caught up with Pat Robertson of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) to film a segment on his work in Ethiopia. Pictures of Dr. Hodes in the CBN studio below:

Abebech & Tiringo, Facial Tumors

Warning: This article contains graphic images.

Latest news: Abebech and Tiringo (pictured below) left for Munich, Germany on Monday night (8/22) to be operated on by Dr. Peter Cornelius and his amazing team of facial surgeons. Because of the severity of their deformity, we dressed them in Moslem garb for their flights. They are now undergoing evaluation. Most likely they both have a tumor known as ameloblastoma. For unknown reasons, it’s fairly common in Ethiopia. The CT scan shows the computer reconstruction of the tumor.

Now here’s the great part: Tsehai, my previous jaw patient, is in Germany right now undergoing more corrective surgery. She speaks a language called Kafigna. My patient here, Abebech (with the tumor on her left side of face) speaks only Kafigna. So Tsehai’s presence is vital for Abebech’s surgery, since Tsehai is the only person who can translate for her. Abebech was previously accepted for surgery in St. Louis, but we could not send her because we could not find a Kafigna speaker in St. Louis.

We greatly appreciate the donations from the people of Munich to help these patients, and the amazing surgical skills of Dr. Peter Cornelius and his staff at Ludwig Maximillian University.

Both patients have given permission for their photos and stories to be used.


Dr. Rick Hodes

Desta Overcomes Hodgkin’s Disease!

Desta is a 16 year old girl from East Ethiopia who had poorly-treated Hodgkin’s Disease when she came to me in June, 2010. I treated her with 7 cycles of ABVD and she had a great response. Recently she came to see me. She is happily back in school, feeling great, and looking super!

– Dr. Rick Hodes

Photos used with permission.

Meeting the President of Ethiopia!

Recently I met President Girma Wolde-Giorgis, President of Ethiopia, with a delegation of Texas medical students. I told him about my work here and gave him photos of my spine patients.

He showed great appreciation of my work.

– Dr. Hodes

Need: PFT Testing Equipment

Hello Supporters,

I need a laptop-sized portable device to test pulmonary function tests. Please let me know if anyone has one for donation!

– Dr. Hodes