Seattle Couple Visits Tsion, The Child They Sponsored for Surgery

Tsion is a 10 year old girl from Jimma, the only child of a woman who was working as a day laborer carrying stone when she came to us in July, 2011. They had nowhere to sleep in the summer rains, so they spent the night sleeping in a chair on the veranda of the university hospital so they could see me the following day.

She had a significant congenital kyphosis. The MRI shows this, with the marked curvature. We got her a passport and sent her to the FOCOS team in Ghana, where she underwent posterior spinal fusion and vertebral column resection.

She returned to Addis Ababa and is sleeping on my living room couch while she heals, and will return to her mom in a few weeks.

Yesterday, Michele and Stan Rosen of Seattle, who sponsored her surgery, met Tsion, who gratefully thanked them for her life-saving surgery. Tsion is in the top 10% of her class, and her goal now is to become a doctor.

Photo and story used with permission

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