Repairing a Little Girl’s Bulging Eye – Yemiserach

Yemiserach is a girl from rural Gojjam who was sent to me by a Peace Corps volunteer posted in rural Gojjam, who tracked me down online. “Her eye is popping out,” he explained in his first phone call.

Indeed, his description was accurate, and MRI showed that she had a mass behind the eye. A visiting team from Israel biopsied this mass, which showed a lymphangioma. Her vision deteriorated, her pain increased, and eventually, we decided to remove her eye and replace it with a prosthesis.

Recently, working with the help of our partner Eye from Zion in Israel, Yemiserach traveled to Israel with her older sister, a nursing student, and had several surgeries to remove her eye and replace it with an artificial eyeball.

Last week she returned to Ethiopia with a new eye, new outlook, and great desire to return to school as soon she can. After just 1 day in Addis Ababa, she went back to her village, and her sister returned to nursing school. We wish them both bright futures.

Many thanks to Mending Kids of California for funding their travel expenses!


(Photo and story used with permission)

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