Dr. Boachie Visits Ethiopia

About 85 of our spine patients (already operated) showed up to meet Dr. Boachie, visiting from Ghana.

Dr. Boachie gave a talk and said he has 3 homes: Ghana, his birth place, America, the country which educated him, and Ethiopia, where most of his patients come from.

More than 80 post-op patients came to a party to greet Dr. Boachie, our chief spine surgeon.

At the event, a young man named Michael, the brother of our patient Nahum made the following remarks:

Your excellency Dr. Boachie, ladies and distinguished guests,

First allow me to make a speech in behalf of all the family who would like to say “Welcome” to you. I am the eldest brother of Nahom, and came 900 km by bus to Addis Ababa from Adigrat in Tigrai to celebrate this occasion.

Yesterday was the day worrying about our children’s health condition and today is tomorrow we going to see not the health status of our children but the real time to see the ripened fruit of our flourishing children.

The people who are participating here in the session, we the family who were under mental stress for last several years. But thanks to commitment of Dr. Rick, Ghana medical staffs, and Dr. Rick’s beloved staff, our children are saved now.

Today here are professionals who involved to save our children are found amongst us just we proud of you.

In sacrificing your time, energy and finance as well we don’t have any potential to grace your work. We really fell words to express the appreciation and love towards you and JDC and FOCOS. Just God bless you all the time.

Thank you for attention. 

Dr. Boachie and patient Yerusalem, now healed and back in school.

Brother of patient Nahom, reading his letter thanking us.

Patient Zerihun and his (blind) dad. Zerihun had surgery over a year ago and is now well.

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