Munira – Courageous girl walks again

MuniraMunira is a 10 year old girl who was carried into our office on her mom’s back in July, 2013. The family of 5 lives in a mud house without water – they use a neighborhood latrine. She was newly paralyzed. We pieced together the story: she had TB of the spine which had not been treated, she fell off a chair, and her unstable spine damaged the spinal cord. She could not walk at all. On exam she was hyperreflexic, had + Babinsky response, but still had some feeling in her legs as well as some knee movement, but no toe movement. We immediately did CT scan, MRI, and started her on TB treatment. Her mom delivered her to the airport, piggy-back the following week. She flew to FOCOS Hospital in Accra.  At FOCOS Hospital, she had 10 weeks of traction, and then major surgery and lots of physical therapy. Now she is delighted to walk on her own, using a walker. She has the rest of this year to recover, then restart school. Her goal? To become a doctor! Congratulations Munira, we admire your courage. Story and photos presented with permission   Munira5 Munira2   Munira3 Munira4 Munira7 (1)

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