International Life-Saving Surgery Program

Dear Friends and Supporters:

At year’s end, we’d like to report on our work, thank you, and ask for your continued Support.

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Warm greetings to you all from Addis Ababa! We’d like to report on our year, and ask
for your support.
2016 has been game-changing. Our medical work runs in 3 year cycles; our project
expired in June. While I stepped out , the project was reviewed and scrutinized by the
Ethiopian Ministry of Health (MOH) and Charities Commission, and given superb
reviews. As a sign of support, they renewed it – for an unprecedented 5 years!
Our outpatient work has been at Yekatit 12 Hospital. The MOH asked us to move to St.
Paul’s University Hospital system. This is a great opportunity to expand and train
Ethiopians. Later this month, we’ll move to AaBET Hospital (Addis Ababa Burn
Emergency Trauma Hospital). The Ethiopian government has determined that our
spine center should be headquartered there.
Ethiopia is under a “state of emergency,” which has made life more difficult. Medical
teams canceled trips. But we feel safe, and life goes on.
Dr. Ted from Texas, Dr. Sarah from Kansas, Dr. Kamal from Chicago and Dr. Boachie
from Ghana have each come, and we’ve done 54 surgeries in Ethiopia this year. In
Ghana we have done 31 surgeries. And at this writing, we have 5 patients in Ghana.
Last week, I was in seclusion for 3 days, scrutinizing the records of 180 of our most
challenging patients. We chose 22 patients to go to Ghana next week, with additional
patients to depart in 2017.
And when I fly to America tomorrow night, I’m bringing with me twin 16-year-old
boys named Markos and Tamrat Bogale, who will have spine surgery in Dallas by Dr.
Ted Belanger.
We have gotten 121 new heart patients so far this year. We have not had time or funds
to send a group to India for heart surgery this year, but hope to do that in early 2017.

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