Patient profile (6/24): Bires

rick-hodes-ethiopian-spine-deformity-bires-1Bires, 24, was in a program for handicapped Ethiopians to learn tailor skills in Gondar. A classmate told him that he could receive spine surgery through us and advised him to find us in Addis Ababa.

He asked his brother, a priest, to bring him to Addis Ababa, but they did not have $20 for bus fare. The brother considered selling a cow, but his wife was not having it; so instead, they walked eight days to get to us — over 250 miles! At night they would knock on strangers’ doors and announce “we are guests sent to you by God,” and they’d be welcomed into homes.

Bires has a saxophone-shaped congenital scoliosis deformity, and he will need months of traction and complex surgery to reshape his spine. He has lost over 50% of his lung function.

We recently sent 24 patients to Ghana for life-saving spine surgery, and we need to raise money in order to fund their treatment. Please donate today to help Bires!

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