Rick’s Patients

Many of Dr. Hodes’ patients have severe scoliosis or kyphosis due to tuberculosis or birth defects. All of them need surgical intervention soon in order to prevent further curvature, chest compression, and early death. Each procedure costs approximately $18,000 for transportation, the surgery, and post-operation care.

Please support Dr. Hodes’ mission with anything you can offer. Every penny you give will directly support Dr. Hodes’ efforts to support his patients.

Click on the pictures to learn more about each patient.

Nahum Gebre Medhin, 9

Abduselam Jemal, 14

Betelhem Markose, 12

Bezawit Tesfaye, 10

Eyob Gosai, 12

Fasica Endale, 19

Hana Atlaw, 7

Hanan Mengiste, 15

Hawi Zewdie, 11

Meseret Alameru

Natnael Negussie, 12

Radiet Josef, 3

Samarwit Bekele, 12

Senait Solomon, 9

Sinkinesh Girma, 5

Tigistu Halemariam, 17

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