Fasica Endale (Age 19)

One of ten children of an impoverished widow, Fasica was born with scoliosis and doctors told the mother that there was no cure for the baby’s deformity. Fasica has made it to upper secondary school and hopes to become an accountant to help support her mother and siblings. She needs corrective surgery.

2 Responses

  1. hi rick! i am from argentina. your work is really inpiring. im a dancer and a im just starting to study Psychology. i would love to travel in a cupple of year and see you and all of your people. im not a doctor but i know i can be usefull for the kids.
    i will try to get some money and i will sen you so yuo can save lives with thata money, but in this country is a bit difficult because we have large economic problems. anyway i will do my best.

    thank you for every thing. i hope to see you someday.
    i wish you the best

  2. Hello,
    Sorry for the extremely delayed response. Unfortunately, legitimate website comments often get lost in a sea of spam. In the future, please contact Dr. Hodes by email at ethiopianspines@gmail.com. Also, please “like” him on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rick-Hodes/173188639358032 and follow him on Twitter @rickhodes for regular updates.

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