Masresha, 17

Masresha is a 17 year old boy from Addis Ababa. He is in 10th grade but was forced to discontinue his schooling due to his recent diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Disease.

He lives with his widowed mom. She is the sole provider for the house, selling charcoal  for cooking to support herself and her children. They live in a very modest one room house made of mud walls, cement floor with no electricity or indoor plumbing.

During his free time, he carries things for money, so he can purchase school supplies and uniforms. He has no time for any sort of kid’s fun. There are no other relatives to help him. At this point, he is quite debilitated and weighs only 66 lbs.

Masresha is an ambitious kid and has a thirst for knowledge. He is a good student and ranks in the top quarter of his class. He wants to be an English  teacher.  He has a passion for success and is always active and hard working, and is currently devastated as he sees his future being threatened by this illness.

photo and story used by permission of mom

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